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New home just in time for home decoration and practical reasons to consider this aspect more when we have to take into account the appearance of his playing how . After all, now is not only required a simple houses on it. Especially the home is considered to be part of the finishing touch : the use of lighting .With the changing times , as the home of the most important in terms of lighting has not simply used for lighting , and even a lot of young friends are choosing to go over all the stuff a…
Lighting trends analysis: Combination : combining lighting with everyday routine also popular fashion , such as ceiling fan lights, round mirror lights, flashlights yellow lights. High technology : As electronic technology has been widely used in the manufacture of lamps , adapt to different voltages , adjustable brightness third-generation lighting filed. No strobes, three wavelengths chromatography adjustable lights, red lights and other far-infrared radiation can protect eyesight has also emb…
Furniture is to create architectural and artistic atmosphere of the main effects of the appliance . Similarly, the lighting is a key factor in creating the built environment of space. Light illumination projected on the object brings the magic -like effects and the impact of contrast color, material texture, texture and overall atmosphere generated to make people pay more attention to modern lighting design and lighting effects research. Modern furniture design is gradually blend with modern lig…
Although the LED industry has been rapid growth, but due to the lack of LED technology standards , excess capacity, enterprise -throat competition , many LED lighting products detect the presence of substandard results , but also allow consumers to talk about LED lights on the discoloration. Currently , LED industry has entered a period of deep integration . With the official support of the implementation of government policies , as well as LED technology matures, the future value of LED lightin…
Tips to buy energy-saving lamps Look at packaging and trademarks : Good quality product print quality , legible and indelible , and the trademark " China Energy Label " ; See the quality of plastic parts : plastic housing to high hardness , rigidity, resistance to cracking , white not color, good electrical insulation ; See the appearance of lamps : the multi-branched lamp put them together, lamp shape and size good product consistency , quality is guaranteed. Meanwhile Shell can no…
War years the global LED industry has already begun , the parties are eroded preparation stage, the conflict is not obvious . But this year waged LED contention , the price war has broke out, followed by the channel war surfaced. A general review of the global LED industry development , industry structure will face reconstructed . As the world's largest consumer and production base, the rapid development of China's LED industry in recent years for all to see : the gradual advance of key technol…
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