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Macro environment1. the global political environment is full of uncertaintyThe international situation is still complicated. Trump's "protectionism" has risen in the United States. Social differentiation and immigration crisis continue in Europe, and terrorist attacks are frequent. The opening of the "Middle East chaos 3 era" has evolved to influence all sides. The recovery of emerging economies is remarkable, but the high unemployment rate, serious corruption and unequal inc…
Apple Corp will design and produce its device monitors for the first time, producing a small screen for testing purposes using the secret facilities near California headquarters.According to the report, Apple Corp is investing heavily in developing the next generation of MicroLED displays, according to people familiar with the matter. The luminescent compounds used by MicroLED are different from the current OLED displays, which are expected to make future devices thinner, clearer and more energy…
In April 4th, the United States announced a list of products to increase tariffs on China's exports, including LED (light-emitting diode) components. However, analysts believe that due to the relative low proportion of the export value of LED related components, it is expected that this will have little impact on China's LED industry. According to the industry, the LED industry has 85414020, 85419000, 90330020 and other projects, but the proportion of these projects is very low in the overall ex…
Widening the application and changing the industrial pattern"It is anticipated that the main growth momentum of the LED market in the next 3-5 years will come from the application market of LCD panel backlight, vehicle lighting, general lighting and so on." Goldman Sachs securities research pointed out that the annual growth rate of the global LED market from 2008 to 2010 is expected to be 18%. "time is value, the sooner the production will be better for the future development of …
According to the March 28th news of the trade relief Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, in March 27, 2018, Ultravision Technologies of the United States submitted an application to the United States International Trade Commission in accordance with the 337th section of the 1930 annual customs tax law of the United States, accusing the LED lamp and its components (Certain Light Engines) for US exports, imports in the United States or in the US (Certain Light Engines) And Components Thereof infri…
LED display in our life can be said to be a very common display product, big to outdoor advertising screen, small to videoconferencing video display terminal, powerful LED display has penetrated all aspects of our life.And looking back on the development of the LED display industry, it is not difficult to find that the LED display industry has poured into a lot of fresh blood, such as the rapid development of small spacing LED and the "ice screen" in the Winter Olympics "Beijing 8…
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