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According to the performance bulletin data from several LED listed companies, most LED companies are making profits, and their profitability continues to increase, and the LED industry is getting stronger and stronger. Let's take a look at the development trend of the five fields of LED industry in 2017.LED chip domain.From the perspective of domestic attack, the exit of enterprises is also obvious. On the one hand, a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises withdrew because of price r…
Change creates opportunities and focuses on the brand of achievement. For the LED industry, after the troubled times, the domestic LED industry is now the six largest listed company, and the domestic LED application market has become the Red Sea. However, with the maturity of technology, LED enterprises are exploring the water in the field of indoor security intelligent monitoring and commercial display. The integration of resources and brand building have become a big "deep-sea action"…
Ceaselessly patented warThe patent infringement litigation crystal unit optoelectronic (crystal) optoelectronic (crystal electricity) was proposed to the United States Lowe 's. In April 28, 2017, the local court of California Central District of the United States made patent infringement litigation on Lowe' s Companies, Inc. and Lowe 's Home Centers, LLC (hereinafter referred to as Lowe ").In the complaint, it points out that Lowe 's sold Kichler Lighting and Utilitech products infringe sev…
When it comes to the "Milan Exhibition", many people first link it to "fashion and design". After all, the annual "Milan Exhibition" has brought together the latest design and top brands in the world.Milan international furniture exhibition, the top level of furniture and home design in the world, is undoubtedly a popular vane of furniture, home, architecture, accessories and lamps and lanterns worldwide. It is also a great event that all the world home brands and p…
Blu ray LED is overcapacity, but infrared LED related applications are rising in all kinds of emerging demand, but the growth in 2017 is highly regarded. In addition to a wide range of security monitoring, new applications include facial and iris identification, heartbeat blood oxygen sensing, virtual reality (AR), vehicle sensing, and so on, which will bring unlimited business opportunities.Infrared development has been a long time, Taiwan, China has no lack of old manufacturers, with the rise …
With the upgrading of China's tourism economy and the development of cities, landscape lighting has entered a stage of rapid development, and the market has already started a boom.As a member of the field of lighting engineering, the business income in 2017 was 696 million yuan, up 67.45% compared with that of 2016, and the net profit belonging to the shareholders of the listed company was 180 million 581 thousand and 800 yuan, up 79.61% from the year 2016.Also benefit from the development of th…
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