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As we all know, the lighting industry is a highly fragmented industry, market opportunities, entrepreneurial threshold is very low, everyone can start, chaotic hero, riding in the past few years the network market outbreak trend, many grassroots entrepreneurs but many enterprises are build up the family fortunes, facing a common problem: staff look at the boss so Haozhuan, inevitable heart, have come out alone, these alone many people are successful, earn a lot of money; then his staff has separ…
2017 is the world lighting lighting industry is very delicate year. So what's the trend?2017, four pandemic tuyereFirst, the Nordic modern simplicity wind is the 2017 largest popular tuyereNordic modern simple wind, the most prominent category in the lighting industry category is modern lamps. We call it modern minimalist art lighting. This, in the world, Home Furnishing software installed two years ago has begun to become the climate, lighting the 2016 getting better, we expect that it will bec…
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