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Current situation and trend of LED lighting marketWith the continuous development of lighting energy saving technology, the protagonist of the traditional lighting market is converted from incandescent lamp to LED. It is expected that by 2020, the output of global LED lamps will exceed 7 billion. According to data from Research Institute LEDinside, the penetration rate of global LED lighting is about 39% in 2017, and will exceed 50% by 2019.China is an important LED lighting product base in the …
In recent years, Chinese enterprises have been successful in responding to the "337 investigation" process, such as the Chinese steel enterprises in the 337 investigation of the steel case in the United States, obtained the victory of all three cases of antitrust, trade secret infringement and anti circumvention. Most of the 337 investigation cases registered in 2016 were concluded in 2017. In one year, the number of successful enterprises in China (including the withdrawal of the othe…
In recent years, the global lighting market has become increasingly competitive, and product differentiation has become an inevitable trend. With the prohibition of the sale of incandescent lamps and the improvement of standardized production specifications of LED filament lamps in recent years, in many lighting products, LED filament lamps have attracted much attention due to their traditional incandescent lights, full angle luminescence, high color display, high light efficiency and so on.The …
In April 16th, CHENFENG science and Technology (603685) disclosed the annual report of 2017. According to the annual report, the company realized the total revenue of 776 million 800 thousand yuan in 2017, 33.58% and 111 million 960 thousand yuan, 21.03% and 1.45 yuan per share. From the performance data, the steady increase in revenue and net profit foreshadowed the "opening up" of the company after its listing, and fired the first shot in the capital market.Since 2015, with the relea…
In recent years, China's Internet technology has developed rapidly. Relying on this momentum, all industries in China have come to the wind and have invested in the new era model innovation of the Internet +. The lighting industry is also the same. With the formal opening of the Internet era, the lighting industry has shifted from the traditional lighting era to the age of intelligent lighting. Under the catalysis of the Internet, artificial intelligence, intelligent lighting, and the Internet o…
From a global perspective, the LED industry is in a period of steady development. At present, the global LED industry can be divided into four regions. First, Europe and the United States, with general lighting as the main direction of attack, the product is characterized by high reliability and high brightness. The two is Japan, which leads technology in general lighting and backlighting, and takes into account general lighting, cars, cell phones and television. The three is Taiwan and South Ko…
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