The development trend of LED lighting industry and analysis of the three main lines
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Current situation and trend of LED lighting market

With the continuous development of lighting energy saving technology, the protagonist of the traditional lighting market is converted from incandescent lamp to LED. It is expected that by 2020, the output of global LED lamps will exceed 7 billion. According to data from Research Institute LEDinside, the penetration rate of global LED lighting is about 39% in 2017, and will exceed 50% by 2019.

China is an important LED lighting product base in the world. Its output accounts for more than 80% of the world's total output. China's LED lighting industry has developed for many years, but manufacturers with brand and channel advantages are the main force in the market.

Increasing demand in the field of scientific and technological innovation.This year, LED plant lighting has been swept by a dazzling aura. At present, global lighting factories are accelerating the layout of plant lighting, and a competition without smoke is quietly proceeding.

Secondly, in the field of visible light communication, many tycoons have already been laid out. Industry experts believe that the LED as a visible light communication source is omnipresent, and its number is more than ten thousand times more than the current radio communication base station and access hot spot. It will play a great role in the marketization of visible light communication, and the visible light communication that realizes the integration of lighting and communication can also expand the scale of the LED market. One step to upgrade the value-added of the industry.

Third, as the leading technology in the field of car lights, LED lighting technology has become an important trend in the development of future headlights with its strong technological advantages. The major LED manufacturers are exploring new blue ocean markets, seeing the bright future of LED automotive lighting and speeding up the layout of vehicle LED.

Intelligent lighting is the main development direction of LED lighting

With the wide application of the new generation of information technology, such as the Internet of things, the next generation of Internet, and cloud computing, the intelligent city has become an inevitable trend, and has been gradually realized in various practices. Intelligent lighting has been widely concerned by the LED enterprises.

We interpret the part of smart city, and see that smart lighting is the main direction of LED lighting development. It is estimated that the global smart lighting market will reach US $13 billion 427 million by 2020. However, China's intelligent lighting market is still in its infancy, the industrial order is chaotic, the standard has not been perfected, and the business model is still in the groping.

Throughout the international lighting giants, PHILPS lighting has begun to create a new model in the field of intelligent cities, to build a backbone network of intelligent cities, and to promote the infrastructure and application development of China's intelligent city. A OSRAM spokesman said that OSRAM will focus more attention on "smart cities" and "smart buildings" to meet the growing demand for intelligent interconnected lighting solutions.

With the progress of LED technology and the reshuffle of industry in recent years, the LED industry has entered the stage of product upgrading and diversification. The firm will be hard to survive, and the enterprise will grow stronger in the new product, new technology research and development, and pay attention to the quality of the product. The profit rate will also increase.

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