In 2018, the demand for filament lamps in the US market soared and companies entered the field of filament lamps.
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In recent years, the global lighting market has become increasingly competitive, and product differentiation has become an inevitable trend. With the prohibition of the sale of incandescent lamps and the improvement of standardized production specifications of LED filament lamps in recent years, in many lighting products, LED filament lamps have attracted much attention due to their traditional incandescent lights, full angle luminescence, high color display, high light efficiency and so on.

The LED filament lamp market will still maintain a rapid growth trend.The data show that in 2015, the global sales of filament lamps were more than 70 million. In 2016, the global sales of filament lamps were over 200 million, and the total capacity of LED filament lamps in 2017 was 4-5 billion. It is expected that the global LED filament lamp market will still maintain a rapid growth trend by 2020.

Import trade data show that in 1-12 months of 2017, the total export of LED filament lamps reached 38 million 130 thousand US dollars, of which the European market received higher acceptance for LED filament lamps, ranked first, up to $22 million 270 thousand, and accounted for 58.42%. Followed by 29.44% in North America, 6.05% in Asia, 4.60% in Latin America, 1.24% in Oceania, 0.25% in Africa.The EU plans to completely eliminate halogen lights in 2018, boosting the demand for LED filament lamps in the European market for 2016-2017 years; and as users begin replacing halogen lamps that will be phased out in 2020, the demand for LED filament lights in the United States is expected to soar in 2018.

Fierce competition in the field of lamp filament lamps in domestic manufacturers

Due to the further decline of cost, LED filament lamps have become the direction of choice for many manufacturers. In addition to PHILPS, OSRAM, crystal electricity, wood and other large factories, the domestic sunshine lighting, FSL, Shanghai Yamin, yaler, Hongli photoelectric, star high rainbow and other LED lighting factories or packaging enterprises have also marched into the field of Lantern lamps and increased production.In this year's Frankfurt lighting exhibition site, OSRAM photoelectric semiconductor also shows the use of DURIS Fiament Portfolio chip LED filament lamp products.

Filament lamp driving power supply

LED filament lamp has been growing in continuous technological innovation since its birth and expanding in the continuous improvement of automatic production process equipment. Nowadays, both filament and power driven chip technology are in urgent need of revolutionary innovation.

Shenzhen dark energy is one of the largest manufacturers of small and medium power sources worldwide, and has strong production and supply capabilities. The products include LED bulb power supply, fluorescent lamp power supply, panel lamp power supply, all kinds of external power supply and intelligent dimming and color matching power supply and so on. Its product AI produces ET AP series, which is suitable for filament lamp, bulb lamp, PAR lamp, spotlight and down lamp.

At present, filament lamps are mainly low power, which is also an important reason for filament lamps to be used as lighting sources. With the continuous breakthrough of the filament lamp technology, automatic scale production continues to reduce the overall cost. When the higher power filament lamp products are introduced, and the ordinary users understand the filament lamps more and more deeply, the future filament lamp or the larger scope will be used as the independent light source in the main illumination, which is for the enterprises and dealers. It is a great opportunity that can't be missed.

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