Strategic layout LED field "chip + packaging + application lighting" of the whole industry chain to achieve billions of enterprises.
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In April 16th, CHENFENG science and Technology (603685) disclosed the annual report of 2017. According to the annual report, the company realized the total revenue of 776 million 800 thousand yuan in 2017, 33.58% and 111 million 960 thousand yuan, 21.03% and 1.45 yuan per share. From the performance data, the steady increase in revenue and net profit foreshadowed the "opening up" of the company after its listing, and fired the first shot in the capital market.

Since 2015, with the release and promotion of strategic policies such as "13th Five-Year" and "China made 2025", numerous enterprises have responded to the policy dividend, and want to arrange industrial 4 and intelligent manufacturing to realize the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In the light of the lighting industry, although China's LED lighting market has become a global market for growth potential, the growth of the whole industry has been slowing down, the industrial structure is still in the continuous optimization stage, and the manufacturing enterprises in the lighting industry will face many difficulties and challenges. It is noteworthy that in the annual report, CHENFENG technology has also disclosed relevant measures for intelligent manufacturing, which can be complied with the general trend and will rise above difficulties.

As the leading enterprise in the structure component industry of lighting products, in order to occupy the top of the industry, CHENFENG science and technology further strengthened the management of automation and information of production equipment in 2017. In production and manufacturing, the company continues to introduce advanced domestic and foreign advanced CNC processing center, CNC press, injection molding machine and other high-end equipment, equipped with more than one hundred mechanical hand and automatic transmission system; in the intelligent storage, the 1 phase of the 5100 repository of the three-dimensional intelligent library has passed the geological survey and planning and design, and started construction in February 2018; On the software side, the company introduced the Siemens NX software system to achieve product design, mold design, high level multi axis processing, high efficiency of sheet metal design, improve the level of automation, information and intelligence in the production and manufacture of the company in all directions, build the leading intelligent manufacturing mode in the industry, and further improve production efficiency and product Quality, and gradually realize the transformation from the company to the intelligent production enterprise.

Based on the above substantive action, the future CHENFENG science and technology will continue to focus on the lighting field, maintain and consolidate the company's leading position in the same brands at home and abroad, rely on the advantages of product R & D, manufacturing technology and intelligent production in the field of green lighting structure components, and seize the advantage of the continuous transformation and improvement of green lighting products. Machine, focus on the market access threshold of intelligent lighting and new energy vehicle related lighting devices, continue to promote the industrialization and intelligent upgrading of enterprises, maintain the advantages of the domestic market and actively explore the marketing channels of foreign markets, and make a new round of preparation for the industrial layout. At the same time, the company will gradually build a first-class international green lighting R & D center, increase the input of technical reform, introduce advanced intelligent equipment and automatic production line, fully realize automation, intensive and lean production, in order to improve the rapid response ability of the supply chain.

At this stage, China's manufacturing industry is facing a huge change in the pattern. The small and medium sized enterprises that only step in place may not be able to recover and disappear in the flood of transformation and upgrading. The urgent will of the overall upgrading of intelligence let us see its strategic direction and good prospects. In the near future, the market will soon be able to get the answer from Chen Feng Technology.

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