OPPLE / Reese / swan goose and other layout LED lighting industry intelligent war how to fight?
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In recent years, China's Internet technology has developed rapidly. Relying on this momentum, all industries in China have come to the wind and have invested in the new era model innovation of the Internet +. The lighting industry is also the same. With the formal opening of the Internet era, the lighting industry has shifted from the traditional lighting era to the age of intelligent lighting. Under the catalysis of the Internet, artificial intelligence, intelligent lighting, and the Internet of things have emerged.

Now that it has developed into the age of intelligent Internet, business marketing has changed into a whole marketing model of "all time, full channel and full integration" of cross-border, interactive and intelligent. All walks of life have entered an unprecedented new form. According to the latest data, the global smart lighting market in 2017 is close to 28 billion 900 million yuan, with an annual growth rate of 95%. It is expected to reach 84 billion 180 million yuan in 2020, with an annual increase of 31%.

The market size of China's smart lighting market in 2017 reached 26 billion 398 million yuan. With the continuous popularization of smart home lighting, it is expected to reach 38 billion 700 million yuan in 2018, up 46.6% over the same period. In order to seize the tuyere, the large areas of China's home to the intelligent power, not only the lighting enterprises, electronic industry, technology and other giant enterprises are involved in the Internet, trying to divide the "big cake" of intelligent lighting. From intelligent lighting to smart appliances, and to smart home layout, new breakthroughs have been made.

The business opportunities of smart home market are visible, such as the exhibition of the ancient town spring lantern fair, Frankfurt exhibition, Hongkong spring exhibition, Guangzhou Fair and so on this year, intelligent lighting has become the focus of this year, the big enterprises have been playing the "smart" brand leading the time, which will certainly be in the huge LED lighting market. The field has set off new waves.

After the company hand in hand HUAWEI in 2016, OPPLE lighting, through the Hilink protocol and other smart home products interconnected, in 2017 with the Tencent, with the intelligent voice as a breakthrough point, through the OPPLE small micro intelligent voice box control all house scene lighting system, so that users from a single light control to the whole house smart home The consumption experience. The newly developed commercial Bluetooth small system has been well received by the industry. In addition, an independent IOT Internet of things platform has been set up on intelligent control, and intelligent home ecosystem based on intelligent lighting has been developed on this platform. In recent years, OPPLE has gradually established its core technology advantages in the Internet of things, sensors, short distance communication platforms, cloud computing, and big data processing. Rex from the CCAs cloud computing center in 2016 to 2017 with the Haier smart home less strong union, and then hand in hand Ali intelligence, thunder in the field of intelligent lighting in the field of cross-border linkage, in the various aspects of the smart home industry to form a joint force.

At present, there are two Alibaba Intelligent Platforms: Ali cloud IOT (ALI) and Tmall elves. The two platforms are interconnected. The interaction of the Rex products is based on Ali intelligence, and then is called through the Tmall wizard voice control and the implementation of the scene. Rex has 4 products access to Ali intelligent platform, and is expected to connect to three series in 2018.

Wang Micheng, President of Hongyan Electric Appliance, said that the wild goose had clearly defined the direction of smart home six or seven years ago. At that time, the channel and market have been nurtured and promoted for intelligent lighting.  By the end of 2017, the annual report data show that in the system of Hongyan Electric appliances, the proportion of the sales of the intelligent lighting sector accounts for 10% of the total sales. This proportion is not high, but it is a gratifying progress compared with the previous years. The swan goose carries the interconnection of "Hongyan and Ali cloud Link whole house smart home system" to form different scene modes. Cloud + terminal mode is the new winning mode of the whole house smart home market.

In addition, PHILPS lighting has a strategic cooperation with the China Mobile Research Institute and the China Telecom Beijing company to accelerate the construction of China's intelligent city; the United States has launched the "intelligent housekeeper" model of the whole house intelligent solution, and the Haier small housekeeper has a unique intellectual control technology of WeChat and a perfect intelligent lighting solution. ...

The development of smart home is in the ascendant, but consumers' recognition and consumption enthusiasm for smart home are increasing day by day, and the advanced intelligent environment is taking shape. However, smart home appliances also have the pain of "interconnection and interoperability". Every brand of smart home appliances has its own system and its own wars, like "isolated islands".

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