LED industry market status analysis industry is in sound development period
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From a global perspective, the LED industry is in a period of steady development. At present, the global LED industry can be divided into four regions. First, Europe and the United States, with general lighting as the main direction of attack, the product is characterized by high reliability and high brightness. The two is Japan, which leads technology in general lighting and backlighting, and takes into account general lighting, cars, cell phones and television. The three is Taiwan and South Korea, with backlight display as the main line, including mobile phones, TV and computer backlight, with large shipments but low gross margins. Four, the main business in mainland China is outdoor display, advertising screens and lighting.

The growth trend of the global LED market is mainly due to the explosive growth of indoor lighting, architectural lighting, landscape lighting, backlight and outdoor LED large screen. In the next 3-5 years, with the maturity of technology and the decrease of cost, the permeability of LED in the field of general lighting will be further improved. Che Zhaoming, small spacing LED display and other applications are expected to usher in a new round of LED industry.

According to the LED industry market foresight and investment strategic planning analysis report issued by the prospective industry research institute, the global LED lighting penetration in 2016 is around 31%. It is expected that the market size of LED lighting will reach 40 billion 400 million US dollars in 2017, the permeability is 37%, and the global LED growth rate of next year is expected to be 12% in the next 2017-2021 years.

Under the promotion of the national semiconductor lighting project, China's LED industry has developed rapidly. From the current global LED market, as a manufacturing base of the global electronics industry, China has become the fastest developing region of the global LED industry. It has initially formed a more complete industrial chain including LED epitaxial film, LED chip, LED package and LED application.

In 2014 -2016, the scale of LED industry in China increased from 350 billion 700 million yuan to 521 billion 600 million yuan, with an average annual compound growth rate of 21.96%. Among them, in 2016, the LED epitaxial chip market size was about 18 billion 200 million yuan, up 20.5% from the same period, and the LED package market size was 74 billion 800 million yuan, up 21.6% from the same period, and the LED application market size was 428 billion 600 million yuan, up 23.2% from the same period.

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